Frequently Asked Questions

TBQ: Timing, Budget and QTY. 

It happens. Especially when we're just starting to work together. Even if we get your brand, we may not have a sense of your personal taste right out the gate. 


So if we don’t hit on The One right away, just let us know and we’ll send you more ideas.


We’d much rather hear from you with feedback than not hear from you. (In other words, please don’t promo ghost.)


Ideally, as we get to know each other better, it will get to the point that we'll send you ideas when we come across something we know you’d like – even if you don’t have a current need for it. You'll know we're in synch when you start gettings emails that say, “Saw this and thought of you!”

Definitely! Just call and we’ll figure out the best plan of attack.

Absolutely! When time allows we will always send you a sample of the product you're considering so you can see it in person before you place an order. 


For larger orders, we actually require that you approve a physical sample with your logo so we can all feel good about our expectations for the finished product. We know surprises are fun, but not in this case!

Yes! We can create original art and design products. 

We can use designers through Halo and I also have several freelancers I reach out to depending on the project and timing.


You will receive an estimate for time and cost before any work is done. Any charges for artwork will appear on the same invoice as your order as a line item “Art.”

Yes, we definitely have access to product from retail brands including North Face, Nike, Patagonia, S'well, YETI, and more. 

These brands work with partners in our industry to offer us a limited selection from their  full range that we can brand. 

PMS colors are numbers that ensure we are using the right colors when we print your logo. 


Think of them like a universal code everyone has agreed to use because colors can look different on your monitor, my monitor, your phone and well … you get the idea. 

You can definitely go that route, but why? Do you enjoy spending hours online looking at products? Well, that can actually be fun. But even when you find something you like, how do you know you haven't missed something better or what it's like to work with the factory who produces it? 


Even more importantly, you have someone who will oversee the production of your order and a single point of contact who will always  know the status of your order. 

After our initial call, I’ll send you a check list of milestones that we’ll hit along the way. If this is your first time ordering product – or you just like e-mail attachments – I can also send you a one-sheet with terms unique to the industry.

I was once asked to find black capes that would fit around inflatable dinosaur costumes. And yes, I found them. (Pictures of capes available upon request.)  

You've sent us a logo and you can see it's the right one, so why can't we use it?!


Nine times out of ten it's because that version doesn't have enough detail. In other words, we need a higher resolution file.


To keep things simple, we will send you a quick reference sheet we call "Will THIS Logo Work??" so you can see if your logo is the type of file that is considered "good" before you send it.


We're also happy to send you line of text about you need so you can forward it to your designer. 


Don't have a designer to ask for a higher resolution file? No problem. We can re-create your logo in the format we need.  

Normal production is usually 7 to 10 business days after an order is submitted. This timing does not include transit time from the factory to you which can be anywhere from 1 to 5 business days with Ground shipping.


If you don’t have this kind of time, most factories offer Rush service. With expedited shipping, you can put an order in a Friday afternoon and receive it by Tuesday.

Not necessarily. Depending on the project and the QTY, it may be much less expensive to do something custom overseas. There are also a lot of “hybrid” options where we can customize a stock piece. We’ll figure out the best option. 


We didn't know what all this meant at one point either. But now we do! That's why we have a "Cheat Sheet" of useful vocab terms that you may hear during production.