NEW BIO_10.09.19

George Carlin was right. People love their stuff.

They really love free stuff.

What if this stuff was also something people wanted to use and it had your logo on it? They might have a positive association with your brand. EVERY TIME they used it. It could happen. In fact, it’s almost a guarantee when you find the right product.

But you’re busy. Or you’re binge watching Netflix. Either way, you don’t have several hours to click through endless web sites wondering which rubber spatula is going to send the right message about your brand. (Answer: None of them.)

Tell me what you’re looking to do and we’ll figure out the rest.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Susan Prekel,

Owner, Done & Done

Done & Done is powered by Halo Branded Solutions.

Powered by … What does that mean? 

It means that my clients enjoy the attention and focus on creativity they would expect from a small agency and they have the confidence of knowing that my parent company is one of the largest distributors in the country. 

Done & Done has access to resources and a level of infrastructure that would not be possible as a small agency including: 

– Full-time staff at Sterling, IL HQ who are experts in: Shipping, Global Sourcing, Online Stores 

– 550-member support team based in Sterling, IL

– Purchasing power with suppliers thanks to $605M in total 2018 sales

– Compliance and Product Safety department

– Warehouse facilities in 6 states to store inventory for online stores